Rajele Jain

Rui Viana Pereira

Gerd Reinhard Peun

Eng. Carlos Manuel Lopes Dias

Artistic / Scientific Consultants


Prof. YVONNE WILHELM (media art)

Knowbotic Research (Yvonne Wilhelm, Christian Huebler, Alexander Tuchacek) was established in 1991, and has experimented with formations of information, interface and networked agency. Their more recent projects present artistic practice with media in an attempt to find viable forms of intervention in the public domain.
Since 1998, Knowbotic Research has a professorship and is carrying out research in the New Media Department at the University of Art and Design (HGKZ), Zurich, Switzerland.
Their projects have received major awards including: the Hermann Claasen Prize for Media Art and Photography 2001; the international Media-art award, ZKM, Karlsruhe, 1997 and 2000; August Seeling-Award of Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum 1997; Prix Ars Electronica, Golden Nica 1994 and 1998.
Knowbotic Research has recently exhibited in major new media exhibitions including: Hongkong Videotage, Seoul Biennale, New Museum NY, "Open_Source_Art_Hacking"; Instituto Cultural Barcelona"; ZKM Karlsruhe, "net_condition", 1999, and in international art exhibitions such as Art Basel, "Liste2001"; Kunstverein Hamburg "Aussendienst", 2000; 48th Biennale Venice, Austrian Pavillon, "Open Fields of Action" 1999.
(for further informations please see: www.hgkz.ch and www.krcf.org)

Prof. WERNER NEKES (cinematography)

Since 1965, filmmaker and media artist Werner Nekes has produced over 100 films and his work has been presented internationally at major museums and festivals.
Furthermore, Nekes has compiled one of the most important private collections of artifacts documenting 500 years of pre-cinematographic experiments as well as developments in the early history of film, focusing on spatial and temporal principles of representation.
Werner Nekes is a member of the working group of German feature film producers, of the German Society for Photography, of the European Academy of Arts, Science and Humanities. Currently, he is teaching as a Professor for Film and Media Art in Hamburg, Offenbach, Wuppertal, and Cologne [D].
(for further informations please see:
www.zkm.de/futurecinema/nekes_cv_e.html#cv and www.wernernekes.de )

Prof. BAZON BROCK (media philosophy)

Professor of arts and aesthetics at the University of Wuppertal with a worldwide performance experience as well as publications on aesthetics.
(for further informations please see: www.bazonbrock.de)

Prof. Dr. GEORG TROGEMANN (new technologies and artistic information sciences)

Professor for audiovisual media / informatics at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany. Project leader of various research projects on new technologies. Founder of the research institute "Laboratory for Mixed Realities", Cologne, Germany.
(for further informations please see: http://interface.khm.de/index.php/category/personen/trogemann/ )

Dr. habil. ELENOR JAIN (visual arts, art didactics and aethetics)

Lecturer at the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany, has published important monographies on aethetics, philosophy and pedagogy as well as many critics and essays. Her main topics are in the fields of ontology, general and digital aesthetics, philosophy of life and education sciences. (see also: Kürschner Gelehrten-Lexikon)

Prof. Dr. KARL ALBERT (philosophy of aesthetics)

Professor of Philosophy at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany, has written a broad oeuvre on philosophy of philosophy, of religion, of art, of sociality and of pedagogy. (see also: Kürschner Gelehrten-Lexikon)

Dr. TITUS LEBER (multimedia and interactivity)

Titus Leber is the world wide known pioneer in interactive productions in the field of arts and culture as well as film director. He received many international rewards for his work. After several years working at the MIT in Boston and being a professor at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany, he is now living since 1996 in Bangkok where he created the famous production about the life and teaching of Buddha for the Mae Fah Luang Foundation of the King of Thailand.

FRANCISCO CAMACHO (performance arts)

Francisco Camacho is one of most important Portuguese choreographers of our time. His work has been presented in Portugal, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Finland, England and Romania. He has twice received the award ACARTE for his work and the Portuguese press association awarded him the prize Bordalo in 1995 and 1997 as the most relevant individual in Portuguese dance. Francisco studied dance at the Companhia Nacional de Bailado and at the Ballet Gulbenkian in Lisbon, later joining this company as an apprentice. He has often been to New York taking different workshops and studying acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. He danced with several choreographers in New York and in Portugal. Namely with Meg Stuart in Europe and the US; Paula Massano; and with Alain Platel.
(for further informations please see: http://eira33.blogspot.com )

BOLLE BOLLMANN (3D computer graphics, virtual reality)

Vice-Chairman of the "Laboratory of Mixed Realities", Cologne, Germany. Chairman of Daywalker-Studios, Cologne, Germany. Mr. Bollmann is specialized in the most advanced technologies for computer-generated imaging.
(for further informations please see: http://www.lmr.khm.de )

VÍTOR RUA (music and composition)

Vítor Rua is a very known composer and musician of Portugal.