Ayurvedic Lifestyle for Vitality and Longevity

Desenvolvendo um elevado nível de energia, prevenimos as dores e contribuímos para a nossa longevidade.

Todos conhecemos o ditado: ”A prevenção é melhor que o tratamento”. No entanto, poucos de nós, fazem algo de concreto, no sentido de prevenir as dores, os incómodos físicos. Só agimos quando já não nos sentimos bem.
Todos nós, nas nossas vidas, criamos segurança financeira, para nos sentirmos seguros na velhice; mas não pensamos em investir na nossa Saúde e Bem-Estar, nem pensamos na Idade Avançada com qualidade de vida. AGORA, É O MOMENTO PARA INVESTIR NA SUA SAÚDE!!!
A palestra tem como objectivo ensinar-nos os erros simples que cometemos com o nosso estilo de vida, que colectivamente se transformou, na causa de muito sofrimento, severas desordens de vários dos nossos sistemas (irritabilidade, impaciência, histeria) manifestar-se-ão, num curto espaço de tempo.
Ao organizarmo-nos melhor, funcionando ao ritmo da natureza, sendo selectivos com a nossa alimentação segundo o tempo e o espaço que ocupamos, preferindo a ingestão de produtos que nos revitalizem, conseguimos melhorar a nossa qualidade e esperança média de vida.
Ao sentir-se meio cansado, meio arrastado durante o dia de trabalho, se dorme muito, dorme pouco, está sempre com gripe, se lhe doem as costas, se tem outras dores, maus estares ou quaisquer outras obstruções no corpo... Ponha termo a tudo isto, após esta palestra e traga à sua vida, mudanças essênciais.


Developing high energy level for preventing ailments and for longevity.
A lecture by world renowned authority on Ayurveda - Dr. Vinod Verma

All of us know this old saying: Prevention is better than cure. However, very few of us do something to prevent ailments. We only act, when we do not feel well. In Dr. Verma’s words: we do all in our lives to create financial security for our old age but we do not think in investing in our health and old age.

This lecture is aimed at teaching you the simple errs we make in our lifestyle which collectively become the cause of a serious ailment or several nagging disorders in the long run. By organising ourselves better and being in rhythm with nature, being selective in our food according to time and space and by taking some rejuvenating products, we can enhance our quality of life and longevity.
If you feel half way fatigued and drag through your day at work, sleep too much or too little or you suffer from constipation, backache or other strange aches and pains or any other obstruction in the body… call this to an end after attending this lecture and bringing essential changes in your life.



  About Dr. VINOD VERMA  

After a doctorate degree in reproduction biology in India, Dr. Verma studied Neurobiology in Paris University and obtained a second doctorate. She pursued advanced research at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda (USA) and the Max-Planck Institute in Freiburg, Germany. At the peak of her career in medical research in a pharmaceutical company in Germany, she realised that the modern approach to health care is basically fragmented and non-holistic. Besides, we are directing all our efforts and resources to cure disease rather than maintaining health. In response, Dr. Verma founded NOW in 1986 to spread the message of holistic living, preventive methods for health care and to promote the use of mild medicine and various self-help therapeutic measures.

Dr. Verma grew up with a strong familial tradition of Ayurveda with a grandmother who had enormous Ayurvedic wisdom and was a gifted healer. She has been studying Ayurveda in the traditional Guru-shishya style with Acharya Priya Vrat Sharma of the Benares Hindu University for the last 23 years and completed her doctorate.

Dr. Verma is an ardent researcher and is working hard to compile the living tradition of Ayurveda and spread it in the world through her books. She has published eighteen books on yoga, Ayurveda, women and Companionship. The books are published in various languages of the world. Besides, she has published numerous scientific papers. Several other books are in preparation.
She lectures extensively, teaches in Europe for several months a year, trains students at her two centres in India and gives radio and television programmes. Her film on Ayurveda was shown in 100 countries in 130 languages.

Dr. Verma has founded Charaka School of Ayurveda to train interested people
with genuine Ayurvedic education so that they can further impart the knowledge of Ayurvedic way of life and save people from becoming a victim of charlatanry in Ayurveda.

Dr. Verma is doing several research projects on medicinal plants and their combination in the form of remedies. She has also taken up a social service project under a registered trust called The Ayurveda Health Organisation, to distribute and promote the use of Ayurvedic remedies and yoga therapy in rural areas of India. She does regular lectures for school children in the rural and remote areas of the Himalayas to promote wisdom of traditional science and medicine. 
Dr. Verma gives seminars, lectures and teaches in the Charaka School of Ayurveda with guru-shishya tradition. 

Dr Verma speaks Hindi, Punjabi, French, German and English and she has knowledge of Sanskrit.

Ayurvedic Private Sessions and Numerology sittings
by Dr. Verma

During her stay in Lisbon, Dr. Verma will take some private sessions. A private session, which lasts for 90 minutes, is meant to lead you to analyze your entire life in terms of your physical and mental activities. It is meant to show you a way for changing your life for the better, and for improving yourself at physical and mental levels. It is meant to teach you to improve your quality of life, enhance your energy at physical, mental and sexual levels. You will be guided to lead a fuller and enriched life. However, be ready to make an effort for all this.
We will show you the way, but you must walk yourself. A private session is meant to make you self-reliant and independent to handle your minor physical and mental problems. Get out of a pothole and learn to enjoy each moment of your life.
We also offer short private session for 25 minutes and numerological sessions

50 Euro for 25 minutes
A complete analysis requires 90 to 100 minutes and costs150 Euro.
Numerology session: 50 euro for 25 minutes

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